Instagram Toilet-House

Komposterande mobil offentlig instagram toalett.
Peepoohouse undersöker gränsen mellan vad vi upplever som privat och offentligt.
Toaletten öppnas genom att gilla dess profil på instagram. Ditt besök blir offentligt. Toaletten använder samma affärsmodell som Facebook där du får en tjänst i utbyte mot att tjänsten får data om dig.

From Peepoohouse profile on instagram:

“By commenting, liking or following the peepoohouse you open the door to the toilet. You should also be aware that by this you agree that this information is publicly published on peepoohouse instagram account. The Peepoohouse and the owner of the peepoohouse Linus Hultgren will not sell or use this information for other purposes than promoting and improving the service and opening the door for you. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, you should not access, visit and/or use the Service.”

In collaboration with RISE innventia and Harvest Moon.

Peepoohouse on instagram: